Electra Bicycle Recall

The mounting tab is located on the front of the fork crown.Electra Bicycle Company has initiated a recall for the following four 2009 bicycle models sold from October 2008 through February 2009:

  • Delivery 3i
  • Delivery 8D
  • Holiday 3i (shown, right)
  • Surf 3i.

The front rack on these bicycles can come loose from the fork and contact the front tire, causing a fall hazard. Electra has received four reports of this, including one incident that resulted in minor cuts and bruises.

If you own any of these 4 bicycle models, immediately stop riding it and bring it into our shop for a free inspection and repair. 

If you're not sure whether your Electra bicycle is involved in this recall, please look at the detail photos below that show where the front rack mounting tab is located, and how it looks on the recalled bicycles. If your mounting tab is the same, please bring your bicycle in for us to inspect and repair it.

Left - okay. Right - recalled.For additional information, please contact Electra Bicycle Company at 800-261-1644 or visit www.electrabike.com.