Felt 2007/2008 F1X Cyclocross Bicycles Recall

Felt has voluntarily issued a safety recall for certain 2007/2008 Felt F1X Cyclocross bicycles. The bikes have a carbon fork with an aluminum steerer tube. This can break, causing the rider to lose control, fall and suffer injuries. There have been six reports of these forks breaking with minor injuries reported in two of the incidents.
Felt's recalled F1X Cyclocross bike.

The bikes were sold between July 2006 and April 2009 for between $1,449 and $1,499. The color is Semi Matte Black (photo, left).

Please check to see if you have one of the affected Felt bicycles. If so, please bring it to us. As an authorized Felt retailer, we will check your bike quickly and accurately and, if necessary, replace your fork at no cost to you. Do not ride your bicycle until this check has been done.

For additional information, call Felt Bicycles toll-free at 866-433-5887 or 866-4-FELT-US, or visit www.feltbicycles.com.