Felt 2011 Bicycle F-Series Fork Recall

Due to a fork issue, Felt Bicycles has announced a voluntary recall on the following 2011 model-year F-series Felt bicycles: the F3, F4, F5, F5 Team and the F75 (photos below).

Consumers should stop riding the recalled bicycles immediately and contact us to arrange for a free fork replacement.

These models were sold at Felt bicycle dealers for between $1,399 and $4,999. The model name is printed on the bicycle frame.

Although current forks do meet CPSC standards and while not a single fork has failed to this point, Felt’s independent US testing laboratory along with Felt’s own random testing protocol has detected a sampling that has not met Felt’s expected standard. No injuries have been reported.

Felt is in the process of procuring suitable after-market replacements and will be working with us to get this issue remedied as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Initial replacement forks will come from several manufacturers including Enve (formerly Edge), Easton and/or 3T.

For more information, contact Felt Bicycles at 866-433-5887 or 866-4-FELT-US, or visit www.feltracing.com.

2011 Felt F3 2011 Felt F4
F3 F4
2011 Felt F5 2011 Felt F5 Team
F5 F5 Team
2011 Felt F75