FSA Gossamer BB30 Crankset Recall

FSA (Full Speed Ahead), in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of the Gossamer BB30 Crankset. The issue is that, if the fixing bolt on the non drive-side crankarm is over-tightened, the bolt shoulder can crack or break. This can cause that crankarm to fall off, and the rider to crash and get injured. FSA has received 11 reports of incidents, including 2 where injuries were reported.

Crankarms that are included in the recall have serial numbers beginning with 10B, 10C, and 10D. Serial numbers are located on the back of the crankarm by the pedal holes (see photos below). A list of bicycle models that were equipped with this crankarm are below.

If you have one of the recalled crankarms, please bring it (or your bicycle) to us for inspection. We'll remove the recalled crankarm and install a new one at no cost. You may contact us for details and to set up an appointment. You can call FSA at 877-743-3372 or email recall@fullspeedahead.com for more information.


Included Bicycles

2010 Bianchi Sempre Ultegra

2010 Cannondale CAAD9 5 2010 Cannondale CAAD9 5 Feminine
2010 Cannondale Six Carbon 5 2010 Cannondale Slice 4
2010 Cannondale Slice 4 Nytro 2010 Cannondale Slice 5
2010 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 2010 Women's Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4
2010 Cannondale Carbon 5 2011 Cannondale CAAD10 5 105
2011 Women's Cannondale CAAD10 5 105 2011 Cannondale Slice 5
2011 Women's Cannondale Slice 5 2011 Cannondale SuperSix 5 105
2011 Women's Cannondale SuperSix 5 105 2011 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 Rival
2011 Women's Cannondale Carbon 4 Rival 2011 Cannondale Carbon 5
2011 Cannondale CAAD8 5 105 2011 Cannondale CAADX 105 Cyclocross

2011 Felt F75 2011 Felt F75X

2010 Fuji ACR 1.0 2010 Fuji ACR 2.0
2010 Fuji ACR 3.0

2010 Quintana Roo CD.0.1 2010 Litespeed C3

2011 Raleigh RX 1.0 2010 Raleigh RX 1.0

2010 Scattante CFR Comp