Experience the best, get on a Turner bicycle!Since 1992, Dave Turner has been designing some of the finest full-suspension mountain bikes. Turner's background as a professional racer and his early work with RockShox, Mongoose and AMP, as well as the famous Horst Leitner, has helped him in creating some of the most progressive bike frames the sport has ever seen. The driving force behind this mission of delivering amazing high-end mountain bikes is really pretty simple: the folks at Turner ride what they build.

What Dave Turner and his crew want to ride are bikes that are meant to be ridden hard, purely because they prefer riding their bikes over fixing them. The way they see it, a suspension mountain bike should be able to ride through the mud without destroying the pivot bearings, it should be able to effortlessly ride on the side of a rut and then not chatter over a series of roots down the trail, it should inspire confidence with speed and encourage you to pedal up that next climb without a second thought, and it should have a company behind it that is willing to back it up when you need it most. Riding great and enduring is what every Turner suspension mountain bike is born to do.

Click to enlarge!From the very beginning and still today, Turner bikes have always made the ride the #1 priority. While some bike companies chase weight numbers and/or the newest fad, Turner's bikes continue to deliver on the most important aspect: the ride. By incorporating the dw-link rear suspension, Turner's bikes attain the magical trifecta of small bump compliance with ruthless efficiency and traction-enhancing activity.

Dave himself rode most of the suspension designs out there and chose the dw-link because, "the dw bikes work, the design isn't hype. They pedal better than any other bike I've ridden uphill." It all boils down to bikes that climb, sprint and descend with authority and zero compromise. The geometries follow suit. Turner bikes are stable and far from sloppy and sluggish. When you're on the edge or suffering, a relaxed geometry lets you focus on putting out effort, not just on trying to go straight.

Click to enlarge!Turner's bikes excel, there's no question about that. They are also built to last. Ingenious details make the frames stand out and amaze you for years. The use of journal bearings (also known as bushings) at all pivots give unprecedented durability. Journal bearings require tighter manufacturing tolerances and allow grease fittings to keep your bike's rear end running smooth, quiet, and without play or looseness. They also last up to 10 times longer than the commonly used steel bearings.

Another well-thought out detail is the replaceable rear disc post mounts. With this simple addition, an errant cross-threaded disc mount bolt won't set you back an entire rear triangle. Just a couple of bucks and you'll be rolling again in no time. Plus, complete bikes from Turner are spec'd with name-brand components throughout. No shortcuts of any kind are taken and Turner refuses to cut corners with house-branded parts.

On top of all this, Turner frames are made in the USA from aluminum. And not just any old aluminum will do. Turner's frames are crafted Click to enlarge!from a mix of 23% recycled aluminum and fresh aluminum to create a 6061-T6 alloy that meets airplane and spacecraft standards. That's right, the factory that meticulously welds Turner bikes also welds aerospace equipment. From there, the front and rear ends are faced, reamed and assembled with the utmost of care. Every frame that leaves their shop goes through this same arduous process, just to make sure perfection isn't merely an interpretation but a solidified standard.

This is why we're proud to carry Turner bicycles and stock a sweet selection. Come in to Webster Bicycle and test ride or demo a Turner yourself and prepare to be amazed.