The best riders rely on Haro!

Haro has been a huge name in the BMX world since 1977 when they first began making parts and accessories. Now, they offer an amazing line-up of freestyle, jumping, and racing BMX bikes, as well as sweet downhill and mountain bikes. Check out this sampling of some of our favorites!





The Mirra Pro is ready for crazy jumping! The Mirra Pro is a showcase of the 12-year relationship between Dave Mirra and Haro. Its chromoly frame and fork are heat treated for superior strength and handling. It sports super-stiff Premium-Lite cranks with a sealed MID bottom bracket and Alex SG rims spinning on Haro Pro-Lite sealed hubs. Plus, the Mirra Pro stacks your trick portfolio with 4 case-hardened pegs, dual Dia-Tech 996 brakes and an Oryg cable detangler.


Battle the dirt like an expert with the Nyquist Pro! As reigning King of Dirt, Ryan Nyquist has proven his skills go far and wide. He shares his wisdom in the pro-level ride that bears his name, the Nyquist Pro. And with it, you'll have all the tools necessary for building a steamin' trick roster. You'll love the beefy 3-piece cranks, full-chromoly frame and the grippy Dia-Tech 990 rear brake. Plus, this sweet rig practically glides on the sturdy Alex rims, Prolite sealed-bearing hubs and the custom dirt/park tire combo. Get ready for the big time.
Beat the competition on a Group 1 SX 24! Sail over doubles and shoot through turns like you've got rocket boosters with the wicked-fast Group 1 SX 24. Maximum sprinting speed is yours thanks to this big-wheeled bomber's super-compact hydroformed-aluminum frame and stout chromoly fork. The TruVativ cranks are flex-free wonders and the Sun rims and Kenda tires keep you glued to the track. Plus, with Haro's race-worthy BMX components you're one step closer to the championship round!


All-mountain and everywhere riders, Haro's Sonix VL120 has your number! It sports Haro's sweet Virtual-Link suspension for the coveted virtue of climbing prowess and downhill zoom! Plus, the low-stand-over height enhances the supple, nimble ride, while the Manitou Black Comp fork eats rutted, rock-strewn trails for lunch. Add to that the slick SRAM/Shimano/TruVativ drivetrain, and you'll be speeding along your favorite trails with ease. Plus, the Avid mechanical discs provide tons of stopping power and control.
The Sonix is ready for whatever you dish out!
Conquer rock-strewn downhills with the bump-devouring power of Haro's .357 Magnum. This burly aluminum speed machine is made for maximum muscle and hard-core riding. Its dialed suspension boasts rear travel that's adjustable from 178mm to 228mm and matches superbly with the 203mm RockShox Boxxer Team fork. Plus, this amazing bicycle boasts a top-notch Sun MTX/Pivit wheelset, tough TruVativ Holzfeller crank, Shimano XT shifting and Hayes El Camino hydraulic discs. Rocket down mountains like a speeding bullet!
Those who fear a flat world will experience downhill bliss on the Extreme X7. This is not your father's mountain bike. It features a stout, hydroformed-aluminum frame with a healthy 178mm of travel to help you tame dicey courses, while the 150mm-travel Manitou Stance Blunt fork hungrily devours torturous terrain. Plus, with the slick-shifting TruVativ/SRAM drivetrain, you'll pedal with ease while the Hayes hydraulic discs turn warp speed into a crawl in record time with their 203mm rotors. Take mountain biking to the extreme!

Our Selection of Haro Bikes

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