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Hydrotail Hydrotail



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Hydrotail Hydrotail

The HydroTail™ is designed from the ground up to surpass current rear hydration systems in weight, aerodynamics and ease of use. By using the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel it was determined and the unit modified to achieve an increase in overall speed to that of 1:30 to 2 min per hour when compared to the leading rear hydration company's products.

The 100% carbon fiber unit gives it light weight without sacrificing strength. The carbon fiber properties also enable the unit to absorb some energy as to not launch your water bottle as easily as in the past. The user is also able to more easily grab their bottle by reaching to the side rather than behind them which makes drinking that bit easier. An industry first is that the device can accommodate 2 water bottles (standard) or an ultra fast single bottle set up. For the thirsty cyclist a 3rd bottle can be added as well or straps applied to hold your spare tire and Co2.

The greatest benefit of the HydroTail™ is how much time can be gained in a triathlon. Tests at the San Diego Speed Wind Tunnel in San Diego, CA ( confirm that the HydroTail™ when compared to other rear mounted water bottle systems can increase your speed by 1-2 minutes per hour! That means that other comparable systems actually cost you time!

The HydroTail™ sits lower than most of the rear water bottle carriers to enable the wind to go over the rider and water bottles thereby not hitting the water bottles that are placed high which in turn give a rider a 1-2 minute per hour aero advantage over the secondary setup. The rider needs only to swing their arm down to their sides to find their water bottle as opposed to putting their hands BEHIND them; this also gives a HydroTail™ rider a distinct advantage in using less effort to get a drink.

Carbon Fiber is the only material used in our 1 piece system that gives more strength than steel and 30% less weight. Another first in the category is that The HydroTail™ by use of standard water bottle mounting holes we can accommodate any water bottle cage and strap system so that a user may use the single rear ultra fast set up or the typical 2 bottle method. A three bottle option is also available for those who can never quench their thirst!



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