Spinervals Strength Builder 5 pack

Spinervals Strength Builder 5 pack
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Boost your average training speeds and improve your time trialing results with the Spinervals Strength Builder 5-Pack!

Each of the workouts chosen for this 5-Pack are designed to increase your sustainable power output over extended periods by building your leg strength and your anaerobic threshold.

This Strength Builder 5-Pack includes five highly effective workouts (over 5-hours of training) from the Spinervals Competition Series including:
Spinervals 2.0 - Time Trial Speical (60 Minutes)
Spinervals 11.0 - Big Gear Strength (55 Minutes)
Spinervals 14.0 - Totally Time Trial (90 Minutes)
Spinervals 19.0 - Bending Crank Arms (58 Minutes)
Spinervals 22.0 - Time Trialapalooza (80 Minutes)
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