Zipp SLSpeed Stem

Zipp SLSpeed Stem
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Fashioned from a mere 102 grams of full-carbon awesomeness, Zipp's SLSpeed proves that a super-light stem doesn’t have to compromise on stiffness, strength or reliability. To make the most of every gram, the SLSpeed’s unidirectional-carbon body contains no embedded metal and its rearward-facing bolts thread directly into the dimpled titanium faceplate to minimize weight and boost aerodynamics. And, the single, self-aligning bolt at the steerer clamp reduces long-term stress on the front end.


Stem angle is one of the factors that determines handlebar height. A listed angle of 0 degrees actually provides a rise of 16-20 degrees, depending on the bike's head-tube angle. Flexible, athletic riders prefer lower-rise stems, while recreational riders usually favor higher-rise stems.

Stem length is measured along the side of the stem from the center of the steerer to the center of the handlebar clamp (see diagram). Keep in mind that as a stem provides more rise, its effective length decreases. In the example above, if the +17-degree stem measures 135 mm, it actually extends 108 mm parallel to the ground.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
100mm 710845662881 00.6500.102.020
110mm 710845662898 00.6500.102.030
120mm 710845662904 00.6500.102.040
130mm 710845662911 00.6500.102.050
80mm 710845662867 00.6500.102.000
90mm 710845662874 00.6500.102.010