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Spinervals No Slackers Allowed
Join Coach Troy and 20 competitive cyclists in this 45 minute high intensity workout. An exciting combination of interval sets including ladders, superspins, tempo sets and sprints, "No Slackers Allowed" is for any athlete hoping to improve all aspects of their cycling fitness. Length: 45 minutes Difficulty level: 9.0
Spinervals Time Trial Special
The Time Trial. The Race of Truth! You against the clock. In Spinervals 2.0 - Time Trial Special, you will prepare yourself for the race against the clock with sustained intervals above your 40k Time Trial Pace. Perfect for the serious time trialist or triathlete, this 60 minute workout will increase your anaerobic threshold pace faster than you ever thought possible! Length: 60 minutes Difficulty level: 9.1
Spinervals Aero Base Builder 5 pack
Maximize your aerobic base with the Aero Base Builder 5-Pack! This special package contains all five of the 'Aero Base Builder' workouts in the Spinervals competition series including: Spinervals 16.0 - Aero Base Builder I (80 Minutes) Spinervals 17.0 - Aero Base Builder II (75 Minutes) Spinervals 18.0 - Aero Base Builder III (70 Minutes) Spinervals 21.0 - Aero Base Builder IV (70 Minutes) Spinervals 25.0 - Aero Base Builder V The Compilation (120 Minutes) Buy the Special 5-Pack for only $124.95 and save!
Spinervals Endurance Builder 5 pack
Improve your Cycling Endurance and Stamina by using the carefully selected workouts in the Endurance Builder 5-Pack! Each one of the endurance building workouts chosen for this 5-Pack offer 90 minutes or more of intense interval training designed to help you ride for longer periods of time at greater speeds. Ideal for any serious cyclist preparing for a long distance event, incorporating these workouts into your structured training program once or twice each week will take your cycling and fitness to new levels! Spinervals workouts chosen for this 5-Pack total 10 hours of intense training and include: 5.0 - Mental Toughness (90 min) 9.0 - Have Mercy (120 min) 13.0 - Tough Love (180 min) 15.0 - Have Mercy, The Sequel (120 min) 23.0 - Time Saver I (90 min) Buy the Special 5-Pack for only $124.95 and save! Improve your Cycling Endurance and Stamina by using the carefully selected workouts in the Endurance Builder 5-Pack! Difficulty Rating: 9.6 Note that 9.0 and 15.0 are compilation workouts using various segments from other spinervals DVDs to make a complete workout and that 23.0 has three 30 minute sessions that can be done at once to make a complete 90 minute workout.
Spinervals Strength Builder 5 pack
Boost your average training speeds and improve your time trialing results with the Spinervals Strength Builder 5-Pack! Each of the workouts chosen for this 5-Pack are designed to increase your sustainable power output over extended periods by building your leg strength and your anaerobic threshold. This Strength Builder 5-Pack includes five highly effective workouts (over 5-hours of training) from the Spinervals Competition Series including: Spinervals 2.0 - Time Trial Speical (60 Minutes) Spinervals 11.0 - Big Gear Strength (55 Minutes) Spinervals 14.0 - Totally Time Trial (90 Minutes) Spinervals 19.0 - Bending Crank Arms (58 Minutes) Spinervals 22.0 - Time Trialapalooza (80 Minutes) Buy the Special 5-Pack for only $124.95 and save!
Spinervals Triathlon Performance 5 pack
ATTENTION TRIATHLETES! Maximize your cycling, running speed and overall conditioning with the awesome workouts contained in this 5-Pack! Success at triathlon requires a balanced approach to bike and run training. Top coaches and triathletes have discovered that a combination of endurance training, interval training and transition or 'brick' workouts are best for improving one's ability to run strong off the bike. The Triathlon Performance 5-Pack delivers five great DVD's from Coach Troy's training series that will enhance a triathlete's speed when running off the bike as well as their general overall conditioning. The workouts included in this 5-Pack: Spinervals 10.0 - Ride and Stride (The Ultimate 'Brick' Workout) Spinervals 13.0 - Tough Love (3 Hours of Endurance) Spinervals 22.0 - Time Trialapalooza (An Incredible Lesson in Time Trialing) Runervals 2.0 - Treadmill Tempo (Build Strength on the Treadmill) UltraConditioning 3.0 - Ultra Full Body (Overall Strength and Conditioning) Take your triathlon performance to a higher level with the Triathlon Performance 5-Pack! Difficulty Rating: 9.4
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